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About us

Facilitating healthcare innovation and collaboration

DayOne is the Healthcare Innovation hub initiative managed by Basel Area Business & Innovation, the investment and promotion agency for the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura. We are supported by a special financial contribution from the canton of Basel-Stadt and also by a wide range of knowledge partners and supporting partners.
Led by a core team of volunteer industry experts, medical doctors, tech enthusiasts and researchers, the DayOne innovation hub serves a growing community of 2,000+ healthcare innovators throughout the Basel Area life sciences and healthcare ecosystem. We help identify and foster promising new ideas and technologies and bring them to life.

Our mission and purpose

DayOne’s mission is to shape the future of health. We support collaboration and innovation by encouraging hands-on participation. That’s why we enable multi-stakeholder contribution across disciplines and industries that together can deliver solutions that serve healthcare needs.

Together with great innovators, through collaboration and partnerships, we are building a strong ecosystem to deliver solutions for better health.

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The Basel Area is at the forefront of healthcare innovation

The Basel Area is the most natural place to build a healthcare innovation ecosystem. Here, you’ll find numerous established and world-leading medtech, biopharma and diagnostics companies, as well as universities, institutes, hospitals, payors and regulators, alongside support for innovators and startups that contribute to influential collaboration.

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How we are shaping the future of health

At DayOne, we believe that the future of health can only evolve if advances in medical and healthcare technologies go hand in hand with innovation across the ecosystem. Today innovation primarily takes place within separate silos, where pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and governments have different agendas. Bringing all these areas together in a neutral setting of collaboration is the key to shaping the future of health, building an innovation hub.

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We welcome support from industry & foundations through sponsorships/funding to help us create more impact in the region.